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All grant request applications must be received 14 days prior to the next regular scheduled meeting and include a complete budget for the event/project/program.

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Provide a narrative description of how your event/project/program increased travel and tourism in Alleghany County. Use additional pages if needed:

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Advertising was displayed in/on the following: (Check all that apply and attach copies of the advertisements.)

Will this event/program/project take place next year? If not, please explain:

What changes or improvements could be made by your organization to the event/program/project?

Please provide a list of collaborations, co-sponsors, or additional supporters if not already listed in the original grant application:

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  • Actual Breakdown of Project Expenditures. Indicate line item(s) where TDA funding was applied.
  • Copies of any printed materials produced for the event/program/project.
  • Completed original grant application

Please email these items to info@alleghanytda.com.

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